Lodge Ocean in Hachijo-jima,Japan
Cheap inn in Hachijojima  Lodge ocean.
A new annex opened and was an increasingly popular casual lodge.

"Light smiling face" "clean room" "I had that or have breakfast." "the reasonable price from which waste was omitted"

You enjoy travel in Hachijojima fully by a favorite free stay style, please.
Will be restart free breakfast
All plan include
Japanese style breakfast
(Exclude 4/27~5/5,7/13~9/30)

We will support for traveler. 


Breakfast & Dinner (Local Fish) Plan
Breakfast & Dinner (Local Fish) Plan
*Period limited*
Lodge Ocean's all Plan have a service Japanese style Breakfast.

We use Fresh local fish & vegetable
We advice how to eat by Hachijo local style

Breakfast Plan
Breakfast Plan
We offer Japanese style Breakfast {freshly steamed rice,Grilled fish,Egg,Japanese pickle,Side dish}

The guest can have a second helping of the rice.
Room only plan
Room only plan
***We offer this plan during GW(4/27~5/5),Summer season(7/13~9/30)***

*If you want to go to beautiful island,come to the Hachjojima that just 45min from Tokyo.

*New building open at 2015!!


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