Check-in,Check-out,Pick-up service
Can I change cloth and take a shower,before check-in or after chek-out??
It's free that change cloth in Changing room.

Need charge for taking shower,after check-out.
Can I use pick-up service??
Airport/Ferry Terminal pick-up service :
 round trip (from/to Hachijojima Airport & from/to Ferry Terminal) 

*reservation required in advance
*To arrange pickup, please contact the hotel directly at least 1 day(s) prior to your check-in date. (by email, by phone)

*Exclude from/to Aogashima & Mikurajima by Helicopter,Aogashima-Maru.(Refer to your Plan)
What time is Check-in & Check-out ??
Check-in is 15:00~19:00.
Check-out is 7:30~10:00.

If passed the time of your Check-in time when you wrote in your offer.
And when no contact from guest,we may be cancel your booking.

The guest must contact to Lodge if you will pass the time of your Check-in time.
Is it possible to Check-in before 15:00p.m.?
If guaranteed early check-in is necessary,depending on condition of Lodge.
In that case,the guest may be pay the early check-in charge.
Can I check my luggage before check in time or after check out?
Yes, please ask at the front desk. 
We will keep the luggage until your flight time, too.
Please bring your treasure.
Can I leave my luggage for the day I do not stay?

We are licensed by the country for hands free travel counters.

For example,When the guest go to another islands,the guest leave the luggage.

\800/day per each 
Is it possible to late Check-out?
Yes,please ask at the front desk.
However until 12 o'clock.
Late check-out charge is \1100/h.room
How to pay??
Cash or credit card(VISA,MasterCard,AMEX,JCB,Diners,Discover)

Nomally,pay when the chek-out.But if long stay,pay each half month.
Can I take a receipt??
Yes,please ask at the front desk.
How to control the room key when go to outside.
Front service close at 20:00 P.M.
So,Please carry your room key until check-out.
Do you have a curfew??
Alltime open the entrance.
What amenity do you have??
[Main building] 
Facetowel,Buthtowel,Tooth Brush,Tooth Paste,Razor,Hair Brush,Swab,2-in-1 Shompoo,Body Soap,
Hand Soap,Hair Drier,TV,Air conditioner,Refrigerator,Alarm clock,
Thermos,Slipper,Green Tea,Shower Toilet.

Facetowel,Tooth Brush,Tooth Paste,Razor,Hair Brush,Swab,TV,Air conditioner,Alarm clock,
Thermos,Green Tea.

[Annex]Common use
Hair Drier,Refrigerator,2-in-1 Shompoo,Body Soap,Hand Soap.

What rental item do you have??
Yukata,BBQ Plate,snorkel set etc.

Bathtowel for Annex guest.
Are there shower toilet??
There are shower toilets at all toilets.
Are there refrigerator at each guest room??
There are refrigerators at Main building's each guest room.

There are refrigerators for common use at Annex.
Are there thermos at each guest room??
There are thermos at common space.So the guest can bring it to each cabin.

When you use hot water,please bring hot water from Main building Lobby,Dining room.
Can I smoke in guest room??
All Main building's guest room are no-smoking room.

All Annex's guest room are smoking room.

The guest can smoke at outside of Lobby,Kitchen space.
Is it possible to come my friend in my guestroom?
Can go to inside guest room only guest.
If come your friend,please use in Lobby.
Is it possible to use free Wi-fi?
Each guest room can use free Wi-fi.
Is it possible to send my luggage to/from home by delivery service?.
Yes. Please send the luggage to the following address after making a booking. 
Please make sure to write down your name (registered name) and the date of check-in.
* 1291-18 Mitsune Hachijomachi Hachijojima Tokyo 

When you back to home,you can use home delivery service by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. 
However only cash on delivery.
Can I use OA service??
There are copy service,FAX service.
Please ask to front desk and pay the charge.
Where can I eat Breakfast/Diner ??
In Dining room.

Breakfast: 6:30 A.M.~ 9:00 A.M.
Diner : 18:00 P.M.~ 20:30 P.M.

Last entrance 
Breakfast: 8:30 A.M.
Diner : 19:30 P.M.
Can I eat Breakfast/Diner at guestroom??
You can eat Breakfast/Diner only Dining room.
How much the Optional Breakfast ??
Optional Breakfast is \1000 (Included Tax).
How much the Optional Diner ??
*Diner that used local freshly fish \4000.
(Included Tax)

When is deadline for order the optional Breakfast/Diner ??
Breakfast: 15:00 the 1 Day Prior to eating day.
Diner : 20:00 the 1 Day Prior to eating day.

After passing deadline,please confirm at Front desk. 
Common space,Parking lot
Do you have a cooking space ??
We have a free cooking space.
Making meals by yourself and use for talking room.

Kitchen will open 05:00~24:00
However cooking using with gus is until 21:00.
Do you have a cooking tools or seasonings ??
There are some cooking tools(pan,kettle,dishes,etc,), microwave,refrigerator,etc.

We don't prepare the seasonings.
Do you have a washing machine ??
There are 5 free washing machines and free washing soap.

There are 5 drying machines. 
Do you have a drying space ??
There are drying space with roof.
Do you have a big bathroom ??
There are common bathroom.
There are 4 showers and Bathtub(1.6mX 1.2m).
Separated by genders.
Can I do the BBQ ??
We have a rental BBQ set.
In advance need booking,Please booking until 14:00 P.M the eating day.

BBQ set 3000JPY+Tax
(Not include foodstuff)
Do you have a parking lot for bikes & bicycles ??
There are parking lot for bikes & bicycles with roof.
Do you have a parking lot ??
There are free parking lot.
No need booking.
rent a car
Change the booking,Cancell Policy
In what cases will the cancellation fee occur?
It occurs when guests cancel from 7 days before the scheduled accommodation date.
Do you have a cancel policy ??
We have a cancel policy.Should you cancel your booking,
a cancellation fee will be charged to you according to the date (Japan Standard Time) 
the booking changes and cancellation request are accepted.
Please refer to followings,

7 Days Prior to Accommodation Day           : 30%
1 Day Prior to Accommodation Day            : 40%
Accommodation Day until 13:00               : 50%
Accommodation Day after 13:00 and No show   : 100%

*Special cancellation policies may apply to certain dates and accommodation plans.
 Please confirm the cancellation policy on the booking step pages 
 before completing your reservation.
*No cancel charge if Airplane/Ferry cancel a flight/sailing from 
 Haneda airport/Takeshiba Ferry Terminal.
*After passed 7 Days Prior to Accommodation Day,you want change the booking or cancel.
 Please call us during the working time.

How to do the change the booking or cancel ??
After passed 7 Days Prior to Accommodation Day,you want change the booking or cancel.
Please call us during the working time.

Before passed 7 Days Prior to Accommodation Day, you can 
change the booking or cancel at online page.
You need your e-mail adress and booking numbers.

Is there a cancellation fee if the flight is canceled?
In case of cancellation of ANA flight or Tokai Kisen from Tokyo due to rough weather. 

There is no cancellation fee.

If you are coming from another island (especially Aogashima)
In the first place, the service rate of transportation is very poor, so it is not convenient for guests, so it is very painful, but we will be subject to the cancellation fee.

If you plan to come from another island such as Aogashima, we recommend that you make a reservation on the day after the service is decided.
Rates for children
Do you have the charge for the child/infant ??
Charge for the child/infant

Charge for the child : 12 and under 12 years old. *More than 12 years old is same as adult fare.
Charge for the infant : 6 and under 6 years old.

The charge of infant is different in a presence of service of a meal and a futon irrespective of the age.
Child's acceptance is established every plan, so please refer to a child fare of each plan.
The child is included in the staying use number of people, and the infant is not included in the use number of people.
We can't accept reservation only for child/infant.
Can I bed sharing with child ??
Basically,pre-school child can bed shzring with you.
However,sometimes can not share depend on your guest room type or your stay plan.

You want to share the bed with child,please let us how many your child 
when your booking.

Pre-school child's facility charge is \1080/psn. (Included tax)
Also when child do no use bed and meals however need this facility charge.
Are there a convenience store ??
There are not convenience store in Hachijo-jima.

There is small store 8 min on foot.
There is store 15 min on foot.
How far to the beach??
Until sea about 3~4 min on foot.
And go on the way more 2~3 min,you can arrive to the beach.
How far to the store & restaurant??
There are small store,cafe restaurant,dining bar etc.
8~20 min on foot.5~10 min by car.
If you want to get these information,please ask front desk. 
Are there ATM near the lodge??
There is Post Office from lodge by car about 5min.
(workday 08:45~18:00, Saturday/Sunday 09:00~17:00)

There is supermarket Asanuma.We can use cash out service by cash card.
(Every day 09:00~20:00) 
How to go to the Lodge??
From Airport 8min by car, From port 5min on foot.

Please refer to the access map.